The Schenck Process BEMP™ conveyor belt scale is built to precisely weigh continuous flow rates up to 15,000 tons per hour.

Offered for both single and multiple idlers, the BEMP™ is easy to install, economical, and operator friendly. Watch to learn the proper way to install a BEMP™ belt scale.







Schenck Process Videos shown on Powder Bulk Videos

1. Schenck Process: Technologies for the Cement manufacturing industry

2. Schenck Process: Weighing & Feeding Capabilities

3. Schenck Process North America: Proper Installation of a Schenck Process BEMP™ Belt Scale

4. Schenck Process: E-finity® Gentle Handling of Bulk Materials

5. Schenck Process: TLO – Train Loading System

6. Schenck Process: CONiQ® Condition-Monitoring-Systems

7. Schenck Process: Integrated bulk materials handling for pet food producers



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