Accurate, high performance Train Loading systems for any application

Our Solution Schenck Process Train Loaders are designed to load safely, efficiently and accurately while maximising the use of the capacity in each wagon.

Schenck Process manufactures Volumetric and Gravimetric (Batch) Train Loaders, supplied globally, for any applications that require wagons to be loaded with bulk materials.

Schenck Process Train Loaders are easy to use with flexible options for loadout operations.

Manually controlled and automated systems are available with the ability to control at local control stations or remotely (on or off site). High speeds and loading rates can be achieved while maintaining the ability to adapt to change.

Schenck Process in-house capabilities in the fields of materials handling, structural, mechanical, electrical and controls systems engineering, together with our major partners in hydraulics, work to high levels of standards to deliver robust solutions.

Together with our extensive aftersales service we are partners of choice to deliver whole of life solutions.

Schenck Process can also incorporate electrical and PLC control of the clients’ materials handling system into the train loader design if required

Reliable Operation

Low Maintenance Requirements

Material Handling Expertise

Upgrades and Improvements






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