Yard Management Software from Schenck Process, the LOGiQ, fully automates the process of movement for trailers and trucks, the loading, unloading and weighing of material, as well as providing real-time data tracking and visibility of material location.
The LOGiQ Yard Management Software is used across all bulk material handling industries, in addition to cargo industries.
The LOGiQ automated Yard Management Software Stations provide you with:
– Organized, optimized cycle times for transport
– An automation process that requires less cost in labour
– Fraud protection
– Management data in real-time
– Increased efficiency
– Improved safety of vehicle movements
It’s services include:
– Easy user friendly interface
– Arrival and departure control, with full visibility
– Automation and recording of loading, unloading and loading weights
– Control of loading and release stations (bulk material)
– Automated data exchange to ERP systems
– Parking management
– Factory access control
– Information services for the forwarding of fault e-mails
– Electronic dispatch of delivery note
– Management of containers with residual quantity monitoring


Schenck Process Videos
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Yard Management Software for Automation with LOGiQ

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MCF Air Filtration for a Dust Free Enviornment

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Loss-in-Weight Feeder Coni-Flex MechaTron®
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