Bulk material handling made easy – park, plug in and start!
We deliver true BULKup power for your bulk material.

Easy bulk material handling with the new Schrage mobile conveyors. Out of big bags or sacks and into wagons, trucks or containers. The BULKup will be wherever it is needed. On-site loading, discharging and conveying are easier because the BULKup is ready for action within just 2 minutes. Virtually 100% residual emptying, no compacting or agglutination of the bulk material and easy cleaning are special features of this new system.

Quick setup, ready operation and efficiency – for mobile,fast and gently loading of bulk materials onto trucks or wagons. Schrage BULKup – perfect conveyor technology for continuous bulk material handling, especially for frequent product changes.

And, of course, the BULKup has everything that makes the permanently installed conveyor system from Schrage so irresistible: Convincing technology, sophisticated logistics and worldwide service. That is true Schrage quality, made in Germany. So when will you start your BULKup power?

Amazing capabilities
Do you need even stronger arguments for easy bulk material handling with the BULKup? No problem, here you go:

  • Easy to move
  • Ready to operate within 2 minutes
  • Also suitable for free flowing and fluidising bulk material
  • No demixing of the bulk material
  • Gentle transportation of the product
  • Closed, dust-tight system
  • Almost 100% residual emptying
  • Easy product changes
  • No agglutination or compacting of the bulk material






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