There is only one thing on everyone’s mind: how to go up in the world.

We are slightly different in that we can also go sideways and diagonally. It is all very simple: you need to convey bulk materials from A to B and we have the corresponding tube chain conveyor technology for that purpose.

Schrage tube chain conveyors are conveyor systems for a wide variety of industries. It is possible to transport  abrasive, toxic, explosive, or adhesive bulk material or even materials with high temperatures.

The conveyor system is absolutely dust-tight with a high selfcleaning capacity and virtually no dead space and, if necessary, can be designed to meet all the ATEX requirements.

Schrage chain conveyors feature low maintenance, easy handling, and high operational reliability. They require very little space and will quickly pay for themselves due to their low energy requirements and low operational costs.





Schrage Conveying Systems
shown on Powder Bulk Videos:

1. Schrage Conveying Systems:
Tube Chain Conveyor – Rohrkettenförderer

2. Schrage Conveying Systems:
Schrage BULKup – ready to load

3. Schrage Rohrkettensystem:
The ideal sugar conveyor system