The multi-sensor sorting system VARISORT COMPACT is developed especially for sorting of three-dimensional material as well as for electronic waste.

VARISORT COMPACT combines a vibratory feeder with a high-speed conveyor; eliminating the influences of weight, shape and abrasive characteristics of the material for improved sortation quality.

As a result, previously impossible to sort material can now be processed.

Compared to conventional belt sorting systems, the VARISORT COMPACT is characterized by its compact design, reduced space requirements and greater flexibility for production changes based on ever changing market conditions.

The inductive metal sensor detects all metal types down to levels of 1.0mm.

The camera sensor enables different colored metals as well as various other materials, with a material size range of 5 to 50mm to be sorted by color, shape and/or size.

If required, polymer materials can also be identified with the near infrared sensor and sorted appropriately.




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Multi-Sensor Sorting System VARISORT COMPACT