Sidewall was born from the experience of three Italian companies, which put in a network their history, their skills, their men believing that produce a good belt is a mission: SIG, LAVORGOMMA and MORINAT.

Thanks to the customized production we can always satisfy your needs and with the support of our technicians during the dimensioning and calculation, you will be able to choose the best solution with the highest efficiency over time .

All our components are produced in Italy with first class raw materials regularly tested in our inner laboratories. Our team of specialists can also support you with a complete after-sale service, which includes assembly, start-up and belt’s vulcanization on plant.

Our three production lines, with a manufacturing capacity of about 150m per day, are able to grant flexibility and promptness in deliveries to satisfy the demand of today’s international markets.


Sidewall Conveyor Belts Videos
shown on the Powder Bulk Videos Portal:

Sidewall 2017 – Steep inclined conveying