Efficient conveyor systems and minimal commissioning times with the new Belt Conveyors model library in ESI’s SimulationX

SimulationX masters both comfort and efficiency in system modeling and simulation. A new library for simulating belt conveyor systems combines easy modeling through automated model setup with the multiphysics system simulation approach which SimulationX stands for: Linking the belt conveyor models with proven elements from further SimulationX model libraries, such as Power Transmission, Electro-Mechanics and Heat Transfer, make it an invaluable tool for versatile engineering tasks, such as drive design.

Simulation solutions for any user – straightforward and efficient

Are you a design engineer, service provider, commissioning specialist or operator of belt conveyors? With SimulationX you can conduct test series efficiently with a virtual model of your belt conveyor system and develop powerful and yet energy-efficient drive concepts within a short time. Our competent engineering team is always there for you during the modeling process and whenever you need to modify your model structure. We accompany you during the simulations and the result analyses and help you streamline your workflow – for example by linking the belt conveyor models to parameter databases.

Cost-efficient development of reliable and powerful machinery

By employing dynamic system simulation, you save time and money as you

  • dimension your machinery efficiently based on reliable information about the system’s behavior,
  • reduce the number of tests with the real machine and the time needed for the on-site commissioning process,
  • optimize your operating strategy for higher energy efficiency.






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Dynamic Simulations of Belt Conveyor Systems


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