Siwertell dry bulk handling systems offer reliable, environment-friendly and high quality operation. Virtually any dry bulk material can be handled.

Siwertell tailor-make solutions according to each operator’s needs.

Siwertell can deliver the most efficient solution for almost any type of dry bulk handling operation.

All terminals and ports have their own requirements and our systems can be tailored for any customer-specific demand.

The loading, unloading and conveying systems can be seamlessly combined to handle almost all types of dry bulk material.

No matter what requirements you face, we add flexibility to the process, creating the best solution for you.



Siwertell Videos shown on Powder Bulk Videos:

1. Siwertell Continuous Ship Unloader Animation

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5. Siwertell Ship Unloaders – Cement

6. Siwertell Ship Unloaders – Grain

7. Siwertell Ship Unloaders – Coal

8. Siwertell Unloader – Coal Unloading Process

9. Siwertell Unloader – Unloading of Sulfur