The most influential factors in grain storage are moisture and temperature.

High moisture content in grain, at certain temperatures, can promote the growth of fungi.

Grains stored with high moisture levels can spoil and become unfit for food, and can even spontaneously ignite under ideal conditions.

Temperature is another factor that can affect the quality and storage period for grains.

Higher temperatures affect grain quality and the ability of stored seeds to germinate over time.

With the TeleSense GrainSafe™, grain storage unit operators now can easily and swiftly setup a remote monitoring solution for their facilities.

GrainSafe is an effective solution for continuously monitoring temperature, moisture, and poisonous gases in grain storage, and for receiving immediate alerts if any parameter breaches the user-defined, acceptable range.

GrainSafe comes in two forms to suit all kinds of storage units, including sheds, silos, bins and bulkheads.





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