A look at TOMRA‘s business areas and vision.

TOMRA´s advanced automated recycling sorting systems for various waste and metal material streams deliver clear commercial, legislative and environmental benefits.

The sensor-based sorting systems recover clean material fractions, delivering significantly higher yields and increased value from the input material than with traditional separation methods such as dense media separation or manual sorting.

Detection is at the core of sorting. Our machines´ sensors found in TOMRA technology are like good eyes; they see more and are thus able to supply more information.

As the global pioneer in sensor-based sorting, TOMRA’s sorting technology continues to dynamically drive the development of increasingly better and newer sensors.

At TOMRA, we produce simple to use and easy to install sorting equipment. Our systems are very robust and wear is limited to a small number of parts so that the basic maintenance by your personnel on site is easy to carry out.

A worldwide service network can assist you remotely or onsite in a minimum of time.

This means that our sorting equipment will ensure your operation runs both smoothly and efficiently.




TOMRA Videos
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Tungsten Sorting at WOLFRAM Bergbau AG, Austria

Leading the Resource Revolution

Automatic Sorting of Valuables from MSW – BYS/Poland