For applications with high demands regarding strength and corrosion behavior, our materials Siperm R and B Siperm are excellently suitable both as classical deep-bed filters and as surface filters.

They offer a great range of pore sizes and permeability in combination with high strength and ductility. Depending on the application, our materials can also be produced as two-layer system.

Due to their food-safeness, our materials Siperm HP and Siperm R are suitable for applications in the field of drinking-water and manufacture of beverages.

Siperm filters are characterized by their cost-effectiveness, adaptable design, high durability and easy maintenance.

Following methods are suitable to clean filters from soils:

– simple backwashing under pressure,

– blowing out with compressed air,

– burning out -and solvents.

Typical fields of application for deep-bed filters are:

– filtering and purifying of liquids (water, salt solutions, fuels, lubricants, fuel oils, etc.)

– filtering of gases (combustion and exhaust gases, etc.)

– polymerfiltration.


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