The Bulk Bag Unloader provides a safe, dust-free and convenient way to handle and discharge bulk bags. It is available in eight models to accommodate all styles of bulk bags and bulk bag discharger requirements. These range from a receiving hopper and frame for customer supported bulk bags to a complete bulk bag unloading station. Available options include an integral bulk bag hoist and trolley, manual or pneumatic flow shutoff valve, vibratory agitation to aid material flow and/or a bag massager for more difficult materials, conveyor, load cells and controls for a complete “turn-key” system.

Vibra Screw Bulk Bag Unloaders makes handling of bulk bags finally practical by:

  • Providing an easy and safe method to lift, support and discharge bulk bags.
  • Eliminating dust and spillage associated with other methods of bulk bag handling.
  • Permitting controlled, regulated discharge with a variety of feed devices and weight control options.

Features Unique to the Vibra Screw Bulk Bag Unloader

  • Bulk Bag Support Hopper – Designed to seat and seal the bulk bag before it is opened. Operator is never required to reach beneath a suspended bulk bag to open the outlet.
  • Dust Control – Standard two-point dust collection. A bulk bag perimeter collection ring traps all dust escaping at bulk bag corners and seams. An outlet system collects dust during bag opening.
  • No-Spill Design – Unlike other “open frame”, paddle support designs, Vibra Screw’s collection hopper protects against catastrophic bulk bag spillage due to bulk bag failure, puncture or premature outlet opening.
  • Vibration Discharge System – Incorporating the same design principles as Vibra Screw Bin Activators, this assures complete emptying of the bulk bag contents without need for repositioning or adjusting the bulk bag.

Bulk Bag Loader Facts (PDF)





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