Vibra Screw has introduced the new & improved AccuFeed Screw Feeder. This model utilizes a self-draining trough, extremely quick & simple cleaning, lightweight base, and more to adhere to the most strict wash-down applications. Ideal for food-grade, pharmaceutical, automatic livestock feeding, or any application. The AccuFeed delivers the same performance as our metal VersiFeed screw feeders at a more cost-effective price. Please do not hesitate to contact your local Vibra Screw representative or call us directly. Thank you very much for your time and we look forward to hear from you.




Vibra Screw Videos shown on Powder Bulk Videos:

1. Vibra Screw:
Bulk Bag Unloader / Bulk Bag Fillers

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Vibrating Bin Discharger

3. Vibra Screw:
Redesigned AccuFeed – Quick, Clean & Food Grade

4. Vibra Screw:
Accufeeder – How it Works








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