The Vortex in-line filter for loading spouts and loading bellows offers dustless (dust-free) loading of dry bulk materials by capturing fugitive dust that is emitted during the loading process.

Once the loading has completed, an automatic pulse jet filter cleaning system uses high-pressure compressed air to purge the filters and send the accumulated material dust back down the spout and into the vessel reducing material loss.

The in-line loading spout filter systems are more cost-effective than a free-standing dust collection system, which often requires the installation of additional duct-work, discharge airlock and some way to reintroduce the material back into the system.

These very compact filter systems are used in conjunction with standard volume loading spouts in enclosed, open, or combination loading applications.

The Vortex in-line loading spout filter is ideal for the loadout of open, semi-enclosed and closed vessels: trucks, railroad cars, tankers, ships, barges and open stockpiling.




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