For this application, Vortex Loading Spouts are equipped with Dual-Axis Positioners and In-Line Filtration Systems.

Locations: Rail Transload Facility – Midwest USA

Outlet Size: 14 in,  355 mm


  • Each spout is equipped with a Vortex Dual-Axis Positioner.
    A Dual-Axis Positioner allows a loading spout to be moved along both an X & Y axis, allowing it to traverse from front-to-back and side-to-side above a loading vessel. For this particular application, the Positioners allow total movement of 1 ft | 0.3 m in each direction, from center.
  • Each spout is equipped with a Vortex In-Line Filtration System.
    The Vortex In-Line Filtration System is designed to collect fugitive dusts by means of an air withdrawal. Once the loading process begins, the attached blower draws up fugitive dusts as they are emitted by the material flow stream. Once arriving at the In-Line Filtration System, the fugitive dusts are captured in a series of pleated polyester filter cartridges. Throughout the loading process, automatic reverse pulse jets introduce compressed air to purge the captured dusts back into the load. Thus, the In-Line Filtration System is designed to minimize product loss and prevent dusting to atmosphere.





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