This video is about Difference in Orifice Gate & Roller Gate.

Since their conception decades ago, the Vortex® Orifice Gate™ and the Vortex® Roller Gate™ have been two of Vortex’s most popular solutions for handling dry bulk solid materials. By their simplest definitions, both the Orifice Gate and the Roller Gate are slide gates.

However, the application benefits for each gate can be quite different.

Orifice Gate – Round Inlet

Roller Gate – Square Inlet

Gate Size
Alterations can be made to both the Orifice Gate and Roller Gate to build custom gate sizes. This can impact the blade’s travel distance, stack-up height, and many other variables of gate construction. Consult Vortex’s application team to discuss modifications that may/may not be made to accommodate your installation requirements.

Conveyance Type
The Roller Gate should only be used in gravity flow applications. If a system has pneumatic processes or differential air pressures within the system at any point, often times, a Roller Gate should not be considered as an option.

Depending on gate size, the Orifice Gate is designed to seal against pressures up to 15 psig (1 barg). It can be used in both positive pressure and vacuum systems (dilute or lean phase).

Orifice Gate – Machined Hole in Sliding Blade

Roller Gate – Full Rectangular Sliding Blade

Blade Type
The Orifice Gate features a rectangular sliding blade with a machined hole that “shears” through the material flow stream.

The Roller Gate has a full rectangular sliding blade that glides in and out of the material flow stream.


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