Zeppelin Quick-Cleaning Rotary Feeder
The new quick-cleaning series for CFH and CFM rotary feeders ensures fast batch changes

Zeppelin Rotary Feeder – Functionality
Zeppelin´s rotary feeders are so efficient that even a smaller design will perform just als well. Thanks to the intelligent feeder design, product damage is almost history!

Zeppelin KOKEISL
Reliable discharging and precise dosing becomes child‘s play with the mechanical discharge and dosing module KAD type KOKEISL. Diverse types of bulk materials can be filed from silos and containers to other containers in any amount with an extremely high degree of output rate accuracy.

Zeppelin Sifter – Functionality
Sifter for increased reliability and end product quality

Zeppelin Sifter – Cleaning

Zeppelin Dual channel diverter valve

Zeppelin Single channel diverter valve




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