Order Information

Each video costs Euro 600 for one (1) full year (plus VAT where applicable):

For the preparation of your Video Presentation, please provide:

Company name, postal address, phone & fax numbers, email & www addresses

Corporate Logo large, we will size it

URL of video you intend to present (YouTube code)

All texts in English language only.

We reserve the right to reject videos if they do not comply with our standards.

No Agency Discount allowed. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Prices are in Euro, please ask your Bank for equivalent in US Dollar

Orders from Germany: Please add MWSt = VAT (Mehrwertsteuer).

Video presentations and their prices are always valid for one (1) full year.

The amount due must be paid within one month after date of invoice.
Video presentations will stop automatically if payment or Renewal Orders are not received in time.

Changes of video presentation texts, images, logos, etc. during the order year are only possible in exceptional cases.

Banner size: 728 x 90 pixel = Google Leaderboard Banner
Banner price per year:    €1000 for one (1) full year


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