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Vortex offers a wide range of solids handling equipment to satisfy the needs of each client’s unique application – from fine powders to abrasive rock, and everything in between. For over 40 years, Vortex has designed and manufactured innovative slide gates, diverter valves, loading chutes and iris diaphragms for the handling, transport and flow control of dry bulk solid materials in gravity flow, dilute phase and dense phase pneumatic conveying applications.

Vortex’s design philosophy is to develop products that compensate for wear, require minimal spare parts, provide easy in-line maintenance, and maintain a longer service life than market alternatives. In turn, Vortex components improve process efficiency, ensure dust-free environments, and establish long-term reliability. The result is a product that will out-perform and outlast typical components found on the market today.

Quality assurance in manufacturing is the most important prerequisite for the optimal performance of Vortex products in the field. Vortex’s client-focused quality management system is registered to ISO 9001:2015 and covers every aspect of product quality and technical services, from initial inquiry to product performance.



Product Lines


Vortex Quantum Series slide gates and diverters are the valves our customers have been using for decades to shut off, meter, and divert their dry bulk material. It’s our traditional line of valves for dry bulk processing and conveying through gravity flow or pneumatic (pressure or vacuum) conveying.

Some of the industries that use Quantum valves include but not limited to: agriculture, chemical, coffee, dairy, foods, milling, pet food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, rubber, textiles, tobacco, and wood – to name a few.

Vortex Titan Series slide gates and diverters are engineered for HEAVY-DUTY material handling applications.  These applications include materials that pose excessive abrasion or wear issues, situations that call for extremely large-sized valves and diverters, and conditions that warrant additional considerations that will allow these valves to be as successful as possible in extremely harsh environments.

Some of the materials handled with Vortex Titan valves include but not limited to: alumina, bauxite, cement, clinker, coal, fly ash, frac sand, gravel, glass cullet, lime/limestone, metal powders, potash,rock and sand – to name a few.

Loading Solutions offer a complete line of telescopic loading chute systems for the loading process. We also custom engineer any loading spout system to meet the most demanding loadout application requirements, including corrosive or hazardous materials, long distances, low and high temperatures, etc. Vortex fully assembles, factory tests and packages every loading spout system before shipping it to the facility to provide ease of installation and to ensure optimal performance once in use.

Some of the materials handled with Vortex Loading Solutions include but not limited to: petrochemical powders, plastic granules, wood pellets, cement, grains, sand, gravel, or coal. – to name a few. And can be used in open, semi-enclosed and closed vessels: trucks, railroad cars, tankers, ships, barges, and open-stockpiling.

Engineered Solutions for handling dry bulk material have always been a part of Vortex. Our application engineers listen to the customer’s needs and match the right valve to the application parameters. Material characteristics, environment, and valve requirements all must be considered to properly modify the valve to fit the application.

Because the combinations are nearly endless, a commodity valve or off the shelf valve will not be enough. Vortex offers literally millions of variations of slide gates and diverter valves to meet almost any dry bulk processing application. We can sometimes take one of our standard valves and make some minor modifications to fit the customer’s application. Other times the only thing left standard on the valve is the famous black and silver Vortex sticker.


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