Airlock India Pvt. Ltd. supplies a complete range of Pneumatic Conveying Components of high quality to various process industries.

We are totally committed to meet customer’s solids handling requirements to their highest expectations.

The products manufactured by Airlock are globally recognized in the Food, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and other process industries for its engineering capability and quality with the bulk solids handling know-how built up over the years of field experience.

We stock components for Rotary and Diverter Valves of various sizes to meet the customer delivery requirements.
It is our policy to always respond immediately and professionally with consistency for the ever-changing requirements from the industries that we are serving. This gives the confidence that we can continue to do so with utmost sincerity.


Airlock range of By-Pass Valves (BPV) are designed to use in Lean Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems (for Air only Applications) for both Pressure and Vacuum.

BPV is used in Vacuum Systems in order to provide in-line Vacuum Relief and to ensure safe operation of Blowers and Vacuum Vessels / Hoppers.

• In a Pressure System with the BPV, the Air is Vented Out to the Atmosphere when not needed while changing Diverter Valve Direction instead of Switching of the Blower.

BPV is used in Water Treatment Systems as an Unloading Valve in the Blower Line.

• Available in Stainless Steel and Aluminium in various sizes.

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