Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying from Schenck Process , are an effective, simple and highly reliable solution for handling Powders and Fly Ash. This video shows the Multi PD Dense Phase Pumps in use.

They incorporates a Dome Valve, which is the only moving part in the vessel; ensuring the system’s reliability and low maintenance operation.

The pumps move the fly ash or powder, from ESPs or from bag filters and can be used to convey directly to the main silos without using an intermediate hopper. There can be up to 8 pumps connected on the same pipeline with an ESP.

The Multi PD pump system is able to convey distances up to 750m, at rates of upto 200 tph – thereby at higher conveying velocities than with the standard Multi Dense Phase vessels. The Multi PD system also has lower specific air consumption and uses smaller pipe sizes to achieve the same conveying rate compared with a standard Multi Dense Phase system.

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