The Enclosed Belt Conveyor and Elevator from Schenck Process, is designed to provide a cleaner, more efficient method of transporting material and is commonly seen in the Cement industry, including those using alternative fuels.

Branded the MoveMaster BEX, it features a closed, dust-tight belt elevator with a UNIQUE conveyor belt. Capable of conveying angles of 75ﹾ, it offers a consistent feed rate up to 390m³ per hour.

A dual end belt tensioning system and integrated cleaning solution, prevents product from building up. A secondary chain conveyor, recycles material from the over-carry, while a patented lever chain tensioning system, enhances the longevity of the chain and lowers typical maintenance requirements.

Ensuring significantly easier maintenance in comparison to other solutions, the MoveMaster BEX Enclosed Belt Conveyor & Elevator, provides very easy to remove parts and long-life performance, in addition to simpler in-situ maintenance.

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