Designed and available from Schenck Process, the MultiFlex Feeder is a sustainable and flexible solution for feeding Alternative Fuels, in the Cement Industry.
Capable of easily feeding a wide range of material, the MultiFlex Feeder has been engineered to help provide a greener future for the Cement Industry, using Alternative Fuels, in replace of traditional methods.
Key benefits include: Installation & Operation:
» Simple modular design, makes fitting quick
» Easy replacement of existing solutions
» Minimal maintenance
» Compact profile for ease of integration & low foot-print
» High operational lifetime
» Low energy consumption, for reduced emissions
» Green technology, towards your sustainability goals
» Energy & cost reduction on shredding & material preparation
» Very reliable, well tested
» Robust with wear-resistant construction, for maximum availability
» High accuracy & consistent feed
» Maximum performance stability
» Flexible processing of a variety of materials & sizes
» Feeding range, starting with 1t/h up to 30t/h
» ATEX compliant

Screw Weighfeeder for Alternative Fuels
MultiFlex is a universal screw weighfeeder designed for very precise feeding of a wide range of alternatives fuels in cement, lime, power and heating plants. The most commonly fed materials are shredded plastics, textiles and paper, shredded tires and biomass fuels, such as wood chips, straw, various agricultural waste or pellets. It is also possible to feed coal and sewage sludge or meat and bone meal or almost any mixtures of the above fuels. The device consists of a hopper and a screw trough, which are mounted on the frame of high rigidity; this is the basic prerequisite for high weighing accuracy. The most commonly used double screw discharge chute ensures high accuracy and stability of discharge. Smooth transition of material from a hopper to screws is supported by two independent activators ensuring continuous filling of feeding screws and prevention against bridging in the hopper even for material that is very difficult to convey.




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