Industrial operations require reliable and efficient bulk material handling solutions to ensure that dry powders, granules, and pellets are processed in a myriad of applications. Material handling processes such as discharging, loading, feeding, mixing or conveying can be facilitated with the use of a broad range of equipment configurations tailored for every project’s requirements for the purpose of attaining an efficient and effective operating plant.

Polimak offers innovative bulk material handling solutions that are engineered to meet the unique needs of various industrial processes. Our cutting-edge technologies make sure complex challenges are addressed effectively for every demanding application, thus promoting efficient operations and reducing downtime.

Our bulk solids handling systems and equipment are paramount in numerous industries because they ensure decreased dust emission and product loss, provide a safe and clean working environment, ensure efficient bulk solids modulation, and assure quality material discharge from upstream equipment, thus preventing material ratholing, bridging and segregation. Numerous industries such as food processing, chemicals, cement, steel and mining benefit a great deal from our dry bulk material handling solutions.

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