In 1979, Joseph A. Dos Santos undertook a major study to develop a means of moving and elevating large quantities of bulk materials, including coarse products such as rocks, aggregate, coal etc. at the steepest possible inclines.

Dos Santos investigated and analyzed the many forces generated in this seemingly simple concept and created the formulas which guaranteed the successful design of such equipment. The DSI Sandwich Belt high angle conveyor represents the ultimate achievement of this aim.

Steep slope conveyor belt
Steep angle conveyor belt
High angle conveyor belt
Sandwich conveyor belt
High angle sandwich conveyor belt
Sandwich high angle conveyor belt
Steep angle conveyor Steep conveyor
steep slope conveyor
Sandwich belt conveyor
Steep angle sandwich conveyor
Mobile High angle ship loader
Mobile ship loader





Dos Santos International Videos
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1. Dos Santos International:
History of Sandwich Belt High Angle Conveyor


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