Flexco has been in business for more than 110 years and is a privately-held company.

As an industry leader since 1907, Flexco understands that your belt conveyors play a critical role in your productivity.

That’s why we constantly strive to make them more productive, through a combination of superior products and sound advice.

Flexco makes products that enhance Belt Conveyor Productivity including:

  • Mechanical belt fastening systems
  • Belt cleaners and plows
  • Pulley lagging
  • Belt cleats
  • Transfer-point systems
  • Belt maintenance and installation tools



shown on Powder Bulk Videos:


1. FLEXCO Corporate Overview

2. FLEXCO® XP Staple™ Fastener System-Manual Installation

3. FLEXCO Motorized Brush Cleaner

4. FLEXCO: Novitool® Aero® Splice Press Operation

5. FLEXCO FMS Secondary Belt Cleaner

6. FLEXCO FGP Food Grade Precleaner

7. FLEXCO Y-Type™ Secondary Cleaner

8. FLEXCO RDP1 Belt Plow

9. FLEXCO FGP Food Grade Precleaner Cleaning Efficiency Demonstration

10. FLEXCO Mineline® MMP Medium Duty Precleaner

11. FLEXCO Mineline® MHS Heavy-Duty Secondary Cleaner Installation

12. FLEXCO PTEZ™ Belt Trainer Installation

13. FLEXCO PTEZ™ Belt Trainer

14. FLEXCO Modular Impact Bed Installation

15. FLEXCO Modular Impact Bed

16. FLEXCO PT Pro™ Belt Trainer Installation

17. FLEXCO PT Pro™ Belt Trainer

18. FLEXCO FGP Food Grade Precleaner Installation

19. FLEXCO PT Smart™ Belt Trainer