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… and thus, we ensure a smooth material flow in your company!

As a reliable specialist and system supplier for large-radius pipe bends, pipe couplings and branch pipes for pneumatic conveyors, our high availability of tubes in all common sizes and diameters as well as a quick delivery is what makes us stand out.

Our Delivery Program:

Stainless steel pipe bends
Our speciality are thin-walled pipe-bends with large bending radius, especially for pneumatic conveying systems. The pipe-bends are cold-bent without any pleats on CNC-mandrel machines.

Aluminium pipe bends

Pipe couplings DVK-HD® high pressure

DVK-HD® pipe couplings are ideal for use in pressure conveyors. These couplings have the following characteristics:

  • no welding necessary – therefore safe and without danger
  • easily to be dismantled – connecting pieces and pipes can be reused
  • with stainless steel grounding strip to ensure electrical conductivity
  • not suitable for liquids

We can deliver DVK-HD® pipe couplings for all common diametres from 60.3 mm to 206.0 mm – anodized version at request.

DVK 6 pipe couplings are designed for use in suction conveying and have the following characteristics:
  • no welding necessary – therefore safe and hazard-free
  • easily to be dismantled – connecting pieces and pipes can be reused
  • with stainless steel grounding strip for electrical conductivity

DVK 6 Pipe couplings can be delivered in all common diameters from 33.7 to 110.0 mm – anodized version at request.

HVA NIRO® Stainless steel pipe bends
We can supply highly wear-resistant stainless steel pipe bends which have a service life 10 to 20 times longer than that of standard stainless steel pipe bends. This high degree of wear protection is required, for example for conveying fibreglass-reinforced plastic granules or similarly abrasive media.

Our highly wear-resistant HVA NIRO® stainless steel pipe bends are available in the following dimensions:

  • diameters: from 38.0 mm to 139.7 mm, greater diameters at request
  • wall thickness: 1.5 mm to 5.0 mm
  • radii: 75 / 100 / 150 / 250 / 300 / 500 / 800 / 1000 mm

and offer the following characteristics:

  • suitable for use of highly abrasive products
  • easy installation
  • no stepped pipe couplings and no flange connections required
  • safe for use with food

Highly wear-resistant DWR double-skin pipe bends
In pneumatic conveying systems, conveying abrasive products – in particular at high conveying speeds – leads to abrasion and thus to wear in the pipe bends. In order to prevent this, the pipe bend of our highly wear-resistant DWR double-skin stainless pipe bends is encased in a second pipe bend, which creates a double-walled chamber.

This acts, so to speak, as a “protective shield”: After the wear has taken place on the internal pipe bend, it fills with the product to be conveyed. When this process is completed, you are then conveying „product on product“ – and no further wear is possible!

Glass pipe bends for pneumatic conveying
For conveying abrasive media or for high flow rates, we can supply you with glass pipe bends made from 3.3 borosilicate glass with a copper grounding strip. These have a service life at least 10 times longer than that of stainless steel pipe bends.

  • made of 3.3 borosilicate glass
  • leg extension 200 mm
  • copper grounding strip attached at the outer radius

The advantages:

  • no more deformation of roundness when cutting bends on site
  • easier extension-pipe/tiered pipe bend construction
  • appealing visually pickled surface

We supply stainless steel, aluminum and glass tubes for pneumatic conveying systems:

Coupling stations / Material distributors

Suction lances / Suction tubes


Mounting systems



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