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The challenges facing safety equipment and components are becoming increasingly complex for operators of process plants in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Selecting the right REMBE®  high-performance rupture disc is of the utmost importance for these companies. In order to achieve longer service life, the REMBE® rupture disc must always be suitable for the related process. High requirements for leak-tightness as well as acceptable leakage rates for the rupture discs are becoming extremely important for operators, as the restrictions for emissions are being increasingly tightened.

During maintenance intervals individually imposed by operators, process safety rupture discs are dismantled, inspected and, if necessary, replaced by the relevant service and maintenance companies. In order to enable these companies to carry out these activities, REMBE®  has developed the REMBE®  Authorized Partner Programme and tailored it to these industries.

In a series of seminars, participants are specifically trained by REMBE® in order to be able to work accurately in the day to day use safety equipment. In the basic seminar, participants are trained on topics regarding rupture discs, types of rupture discs, application limits and special challenges as well as possibilities for signalling and and various different connections. The assembly and dismantling of the rupture discs and also corresponding burst tests on the REMBE® test bench show participants how complex the topic of rupture discs is and how sensitive the handling of these components should be.

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